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Forbidden Hollywood

East-Asians (EA) have been subjected to inequality rooted in Hollywood since the start of cinema. However, the societal impacts of the  whitewashing and misrepresentation of EAs in Hollywood productions are not acknowledged. Forbidden Hollywood presents the different factors that contribute to this inequality and the effects of whitewashing and stereotyping of EAs in society using a variety of printed outcomes accompanied by a video explaining the methodology behind this outcome. 


Only 7.2% of Hollywood actors are of East-Asian ethnicity. This video is supported by statistics cumulated from the annual Hollywood Diversity Report (Hunt and Ramón, 2020) conducted by the UCLA College of Social Sciences in 2020. The video explains the different institutional factors that influence Hollywood’s representation of East Asians due to the lack of representationof East Asians both on-screen and behind the scenes.

We are the Geeks, We are the Prostitutes presents all of the stereotypes inflicted onto East Asians in Hollywood since the start of Hollywood cinema.

Forbidden Hollywood is a broadsheet newspaper that documents the history of censorship in Hollywood from The Production Code in the 1930s to Chinese Censorship currently.

WE ARE WHAT YOU WRITE documents all the cases of whitewashing and stereotyping in Hollywood from 1913-2022.

Whitewashing is a directory of movies that include the removal of East-Asians in Hollywood productions in the form of racebending, yellowface or whitewashing.