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A War That Divided A Country

48 years ago an idyllic island in the mediterranean sea became a war zone. The island of love became the island of hate. The once unified island of Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots became a murderous dystopia resulting in a third of the island being stolen and occupied by Turkey. Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world separating the North occupied by Turkey and the south remaining Cypriot. A War That Divided A Country presents the different chapters of the 1974 war from the perspectives of the Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots and the peacekeepers of the United Nations (UNFICYP). In the end, one thing that connects the people of Cyprus is the loss of their island which once was their peaceful home.

The War That Divided a Country in Two 
Cyprus was once a unified island of greek and Turkish Cypriots living peacefully side by side. This book documents the start of the Cyprus problems, the reasoning behind the Turkish invasion and the impacts it had on both sides of the island.

Έθιμα θανάτου
Death Customs
‘Death Customs‘: a re-telling of the grief of mothers and wives in Cyprus who discover that the government had evidence of their loved ones’ deaths in the 1974 war, but had led them to believe they were missing.


The story of the rise and fall of EOKA, anti-colonialist freedom fighters of Cyprus. Were they terrorists or liberators?

The Country Divided in Two
35.1264° N, 33.4299° E

Half of a capital

A photographic publication documenting the land on the border of the green line which separates the northern occupied third of the island and the Greek Cypriot southern two-thirds of the island.
Living on the border of the last divided capital in the world
A photographic publication documenting the Greek Cypriots who live south of the North Cyprus border.

1st Generation

The journey of first-generation Greek-Cypriot refugees travelling from Cyprus to England and the beginning of their new lives in a foreign country.

215,000 Displaced Cypriots

215,000 displaced Cypriots is a fold-out publication which documents the displacement of both Turkish and Greek Cypriots within Cyprus. the mass migration of Turkish Cypriots to the north of the island and Greek Cypriots to the south of the island is presented.

On the Border of War and Peace
The UN is the buffer zone between the Turkish Cypriots in the North and the Greek Cypriots in the South.

2,000 missing Cypriots,
our relatives, our family,
our friends, our people

One unfortunate factor that keeps the Turkish and Greek Cypriots connected is the loss they experienced and are still facing. To this day there remains a large quantity of Cypriots missing in Cyprus. This book documents the statistics of missing people and the journeys people have experienced finding their loved ones.

Kıbrıs Türkü
Kıbrıslı Türk

Poetry written by Turkish Cypriot Mehmet Yaşin who uses language to communicate the struggles Turkish Cypriots faced in Cyprus during and after the Cyprus Problems and the 1974 invasion by Turkey.

The freedom of words limited by a divided country
An exclusive interview with Turkish Cypriot poet Mehmet Yaşin explaining his thoughts behind his poetry. The interview is translated in Greek, Turkish and English.

Kuzey Kıbrıs
The Country That Doesn’t Exist
35.2480° N, 33.6577° E

The people that live in a country that doesn’t exist
A photographic publication documenting the people that live in the occupied Northern Cyprus. 
The country that doesn’t exist
A photographic publication documenting the Turkish Cypriots who live north of the Cyprus boarder.